Our Mediascape is changing. Are you Listening?



Why do some companies focus on the Cost of Everything, but the Value of Nothing?  

Why are 'pure play' online platforms billing BILLIONS of digital ad dollars, while most broadcasters are either NOT OFFERING online exposure, or if they are, GIVING IT AWAY as 'Value Added'. 

Maybe it's time for a fresh approach?


Conceiving a shiny new concept is only the start of the process. The hardest work always comes after, when we're trying to make it happen.

In media, we often get caught up on old gameplans (including a broken revenue model) and keep adding layers, but seldom go back to 'Zero Base' our operations. Until it's too late, and the only option is slash and burn.

And we wonder why some of the biggest companies are finding themselves strapped, stupid and self-destructive.


Clearly, it's time to 'reboot' our media brands....just like most electronics. If devices seem messed up, they are often fixed by turning them off and back on. But sometimes adjustments are needed  

Today's leaders are being beaten by the future NOT because it is unpredicable, but because it's UNPALETABLE. And the best time for future winners to seize opportunity is when the competition is balled up in the fetal position.

Your biggest control is what YOU put out. You ARE only as good as your last performance. Some things are in your control. Others, not so much. There ARE ways to overcome such obstacles while rising above your competition -- and winning in the process!

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